When is a food co-op more than just a grocery store?

When it exists to serve you instead of corporate profits.

When it provides fresh and truly local products.

When you and your neighbors own it.


When you become a co-op owner, you become
part of a business that strives to:

What is a food co-op? Why should I care?

Cooperatively Owned

The Community Market Food Co-op will be a full service grocery store that is owned by the members of our local community. Our grocery store will be open to all who choose to shop with us, but there will be certain benefits only available to co-op owners.

Build Something Good

By not having one single owner, profits will be reinvested back into the business or spread out amongst all share owners and kept locally. Fair, livable wages will be paid to all employees, and educational opportunities will be available to members of our community.

Support Local Producers

There will be a strong focus on providing products that are locally and regionally sourced to help stimulate and support our local economy.

Purchase with Pride

Organic and fairtrade products will be included in our inventory. Sustainability and stewardship of the earth are strong values we will incorporate into all parts of our business.

Democratically Governed

Every share purchased affords its owner to one vote on important co-op business. You will get a chance to influence your local food co-op in a way no other grocery store can match.


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