A Great New Year

How many of us have made promises to ourselves to do something better in 2016? Maybe exercise more, maybe spend less time plugged into technology, maybe make healthier eating choices ….. Most of us want a “do-over” of some sort, and the beginning of a new year is always a good place to start. Joining the Community Market Co-Op would be a great way to do something good for yourself – and for your community! For yourself: Access to healthy, fresh locally grown food! Imagine being on a first name basis with the farmer who provides your eggs, your vegetables, your beef!                         Discounts and member specials to save money — membership entitles you to the special offers and savings not available to walk-in clientele. Ability to vote as a member/owner on decisions that will govern the co-op — It is a grocery store controlled and owned by its “customers”! Share in the profits as a full fledged owner! Learn from the classes and educational opportunities provided by community experts. You will have the opportunity to take classes about cooking, canning, gardening, bee keeping, cheese making, and much, much more provided by the co-op. For your community: Support local farmers and ranchers financially by purchasing their goods! Provide them with a convenient, local market through which to sell their wares to their friends and neighbors. Help promote community involvement by participating in co-op sponsored events. Plant roots in your community and invest in its well being! Strengthen your community ties by personally getting to know the people who put food on your table. Educate the children of our community to appreciate the hard work it takes to provide healthy, fresh food and help them to understand that food doesn’t just come pre-packaged from the grocery store aisles!  2016 is going to be a great year for the Community Market Co-Op here in the Fuquay Varina area. We would love to have you join us in this wonderful adventure! Follow through on a resolution that will benefit both you and your community — JOIN NOW!

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