Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by our owners to lead and guide our food co-op. Board members serve three year terms and are not compensated.  Any owner in good standing is eligible to run for the Board.  Board meetings are held monthly and include both an open and closed session.  The public may attend an open session at any time.  Please review our online calendar for meeting dates.

If you would like to reach our board, you are welcome to email us at chair@communitymarket.coop.


Liz Francis


A co-op member from the start in 2012, Liz has served as Chair, Co-chair, Secretary, and Outreach Coordinator. Originally from West Virginia, Liz has lived in Fuquay-Varina since 2010. Professionally a Chemist, she enjoys teaching Qi Gong and working on compost at the Covenant Community Garden and wrangling worms. Her aspirations are to retire with John (husband) and Lucy (English pointer) and spend her days kayaking and getting Grab-and-Go meals at the Co-op.

Tammie Quick

Site Search Committee Chair

In 2010, Tammie gathered a group of friends in her living room to discuss the idea of starting a food co-op grocery store in our community. They were just passionate and naive enough to think they could make it happen. Then and there, The Community Market was born. She brings to this project a lifelong career in public service and social activism: USAF linguist, community journalism editor and community college educator and administrator.

Chip Covin

Chip Covin


Chip was elected to the board in 2021. As a Management Consultant, he partners with senior executives in transforming their companies to meet the demands of rapidly evolving marketplaces, technologies, and customer needs. In his spare time, Chip is a bookworm who enjoys spending time with his family and travelling.

Joy Brown


Joy’s love of community gardens, local farms, and fair trade was the driving force behind her involvement in starting a food co-op grocery store in our community. From the conception of the idea, she has served on the board of The Community Market. Joy continues to be a community garden leader in the her hometown of Fuquay-Varina. Since her retirement from 35 years of teaching in the North Carolina Public Schools, Joy has devoted her time to our community and to her three (soon to be four) grandchildren.

Bill McDonald


From Long Island, Bill joined the Air Force straight out of high school and retired 26 years later. Currently married with 5 children and 8 grandchildren. Has a BS from U. of Maryland and a Paralegal Certificate. Currently self-employed, and a published children’s book author. Has served on three HOA boards as President, VP, and Treasurer.

M Henry

Site Search Committee

Ms. Henry has lived in the area for a decade. Originally from the North East, she brings 25+ years of diverse professional experiences and knowledge to the board, with degrees in Green and Sustainable Business Management and a Master of Social Work. Passion: assisting underprivileged populations gaining equal access to healthy food, safe housing, and medical care. In her spare time Ms. Henry participates in nature preservation, agriculture, and supporting local businesses. In addition to board work, she loves volunteering, time with friends, crafting, and the outdoors.

Tim Dexter


Tracy Wilson


Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Tracy has been in the Triangle area since 2002 and now calls North Carolina “home.” She developed a love of co-ops in the 1990s when she discovered Pittsburgh’s East End Food Co-op where she volunteered and served on the Board of Directors. Tracy is excited about the prospect of having a local co-op and looks forward to getting to know the community.

Additional Contributors

Jan Johnson


Josie Sianez

Scribe, Election Committee Chair

Josie is a Fuquay-Varina native, happy to be raising two children with her husband David in her hometown. She served on The Community Market board from 2013-2020, most of those years as Secretary, and continues to serve as scribe, election committee chair, and new member intake coordinator – when you join, Josie will be happy to welcome you to the fold! When she’s not homeschooling her 5 and 10 year olds or working at her office management job, Josie enjoys hiking, gaming, camping and reading. She can’t wait to settle in at the co-op with a cup of coffee and a good book!

Beth Bonar