Board of Directors Responsibilities, Eligibility, Expectations

Board Structure and Responsibilities

The Community Market is governed by a Board of Directors that is elected by the Co-op's member-owners. The Board is directly accountable to the member-owners for the activities and accomplishments of the Co-op. Specifically it is responsible for:

  • Interacting with member-owners to understand their needs, values, and vision.
  • Developing, monitoring and revising a body of policies that guide The Community Market General Manager and Board to achieve outcomes that are consistent with our member-owners’ values and vision.
  • Ensuring, through consistent monitoring mechanisms, that The Community Market General Manager achieves the goals set by the Board and that the Board operates according to its established processes.

It is important to recognize that The Community Market is currently in the startup phase. We do not yet have salaried staff or a general manager who handle day to day activities. That means the Board of Directors is a working board. During the startup phase, the board is not only responsible for the areas above but also for defining, organizing, and driving the activities that will take us to store opening. This encompasses initiatives including - driving membership, identifying the store location, raising capital, and hiring the general manager.

Eligibility, Desired Attributes, and Qualifications

    1. You must be an active, full owner of The Community Market in good standing at the time of application. Full ownership means that the entire $150 investment has been paid in full at the time of application.
    2. You must be at least 18 years of age.
    3. You must agree to uphold the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of The Community Market.
    4. All Directors are elected to represent the ownership as a whole, and not the interest of a particular constituency.
    5. Directors cannot own, manage or be employed by a business that is in direct competition with The Community Market.

Desired Attributes
The single most important attribute for Board service is commitment of your time and energy to the Board’s work. This includes monthly board meetings and some committee work. It may also include participation at membership drives and capital campaigns.

Potential Board candidates should possess these qualifications

  • Are dedicated to cooperative principles and values and to the success of The Community Market.
  • Understand the Board’s approach to governance and willingness to learn and embrace Policy Governance.
  • Display discipline in participation through attendance, email and taking part in meetings, committee work and ongoing training.
  • Ability to assertively join in the debates at Board-level issues, with no reluctance to express dissent.
  • Willingness to commit time to official external functions, such as membership campaigns and committee work.
  • Willingness to stand behind policies of the Board regardless of personal stance taken prior to the vote.
  • Understand the Board’s role in defining values, vision and long-term viability of The Community Market.
  • Willingness to support The Community Market General Manager when she or he has acted in compliance with the Board policies.

Effective governing of an organization requires a serious commitment. Board members are expected to prepare for and actively participate in all monthly meetings, committee work between meetings, the Annual Meeting (for member-owners), and occasional training sessions. The time commitment ranges from 15 – 25 hours per month. The term of a Board Member is 3 years.