Co-op Month

Think Global, Act Local

The Community Market Co-op is built on the premise that each of us can make healthier choices for ourselves, our families, our local environment and our world. The phrase “Think Global, Act Local” fits right into this philosophy! The origin of this famous mantra is debatable, with credit being given to the Scottish town planner and social activist, Patrick Geddes in 1915, founder of Friends of the Earth David Brower in 1969, U.N. advisor Rene Dubos in 1972, and Canadian futurist Frank Feather in 1979. No matter who first coined the term, this environmental call to action is relevant for us today in regards to where and how we purchase our food.

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First celebration of Co-op Month a success!

October was the first time (in our short history) that we’ve promoted and celebrated National Co-op month. It provides an opportunity to educate the community about our co-op, and promote the cooperative business model as a tool for building a thriving regional economy. The USDA also has a great blog post about co-op month. Since…

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In the Limelight – Ogburn Berries & Produce

As part of our celebration of National Co-op Month during October, we had the pleasure to visit and tour one of our Owner-Producer Farms – Ogburn Berries & Produce in Willow Spring, NC. They were very gracious hosts so we are delighted to feature them “In the Limelight”! When we arrived, we were greeted with…

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