Benefits of Ownership

As a cooperatively owned business, our focus is on supporting our community, not just enriching our shareholders. We will seek to return as much revenue as possible to the community by purchasing from local farmers, supporting locally made products, and creating jobs in the community. By purchasing an ownership share, you will be supporting these values and helping to strengthen our ability to serve them.

Additionally, becoming an owner has some benefits you can take advantage of:

  • Voting Rights
  • Eligibility to join the Board of Directors
  • Periodic In-store Discounts
  • Patronage-based Rebates/Dividends
  • Special Classes & Events
  • Access to our Business Directory
  • Plus any additional programs and benefits we may continue to think up as the store progresses!

Become an Owner Today!

Are you ready to invest in a grocery store you can call your own? Together we can do this.